About Katarina Van Derham

Katarina Van Derham has always had a huge passion for fashion and glamour. She wanted create a guide for women who want to become glamorous, smart and classy with a very feminine style. Working in Hollywood for a decade helped her understand what women, and men, find beautiful and attractive. More importantly she gained the perspective that everyone can be beautiful and attractive, regardless of what you look like. Equipped with 10 years experience in Hollywood and with a degree in Business, Marketing and Graphic Design, Katarina has begun that. Viva Glam Magazine is on a rise to become the one and only guide every woman will ever need.

If you have always wanted sexy wavy hair just like your favourite stars look no further as Katarina Van Derham shows you step by step how to achieve fabulous, sexy hair.

The Road To Glamour

To begin Katarina uses Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions. A new brand on the market Cashmere hair extensions contain only the finest 100% Human Cuticle Hair. But what makes these extensions extra special? All of their extensions are extra thick & blended with the wonderful Super-Blend custom multi-tonal highlight and lowlight design as well as a fullness that you can feel all the way to the ends! Giving you the fullness and softness you desire in the most natural way.  The thick and full hair extension design not only gives you the fullest most luxurious hair,  but causes the least amount of damage, and it’s really easy to apply and comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Cashmere Hair Clip-In Extensions are the safest and most gentle hair extensions available.  To protect your hair and gain the sexiest look always use the Cashmere hairbrush with your extensions.

The Cashmere brush is the perfect brush to use to brush Cashmere hair extensions and your own natural hair. This brush prevents damage and breakage from brushing to prolong the life of your Cashmere Hair Extensions. It is also a great tool to use to blend your own hair with Cashmere Hair. Recommended for all hair types, fine, medium, and thick hair. This is the ideal brush for short to long length hair. Can be used on hair with our without extensions. Cashmere Hair Brush is for the woman who wants to achieve gorgeous smooth hair without the damage. Discover maximum shine and control with this perfect brush that detangles all hair lengths while avoiding breakage, preserving the hair’s natural moisture, and keeping static at bay.

Next you will need 1 and a quarter inch curling iron. As Katarina shows always be sure to keep your curling iron horizontal to achieve the best curls. A pik comb for lifting & volumizing – With long teeth and a short handle, Piks are perfectly designed for lifting the hair away from the head, adding volume and also for parting hair, and a thick teasing comb specifically design for backcombing and teasing hair to create volume and lift. Of course keep your hair looking great all day and night keep plenty of medium hold hair spray on hand!

Watch as Katarina teaches why you must always keep your curling iron horizontal, how to protect your hair while styling and other expert tips to keep you looking fabulou