Rene Sweeney is here with a very Bohemian braided headband made out of whatever fabric you choose. Let your imagination run wild.

This is another quick, fun and green DIY project! You can start with strips of pretty much any type of fabric or lace…don’t be scared to mix colors and textures. All you have to do is braid up the strips, add a little flower creation or some other type of decoration to the front and viola!!! you have a stylish headband to wear to help you through those bad hair days!

Lets get started!

First make sure you strips of are long enough. It’s best to start with around 1.5 yards of fabric per strip and of course you need a minimum of 3 pieces to braid! If your pieces are not long enough just use your hot glue to stick to pieces together. It may seem long but once you start braiding it will reduce the overall length and remember your braid has to be long enough to wrap around your head!

To begin, drape each piece over your hand to get them all centred and even. Then either tie of hold down one end with a heavy object to make braiding much easier. Start to braid but don’t make it too tight so all your colors and textures come through.

To make a simple 3 strand braid, Separate the pieces and hold them taut. One is the left piece, one is the middle piece, and one is the right piece. Cross the right piece over the middle piece. Now the formerly left piece is in the middle. Continue holding all three pieces taut. Cross the left piece over the middle piece. This completes the first section of the braid. Continue crossing the right and left pieces over the middle. Alternate crossing the left over the middle, then the right over the middle. Continue weaving the strips in this way until you’ve run out of strip to weave.

To secure the ends use a small strip of fabric and wrap and glue around to form a sheath. Do this at both ends. Trim any excess if you like but don’t even the strips as you will want to keep a natural flow.

Finishing Touches

To make the flower, wrap the headband around and mark where you would like it to go. Then using another strip of material and your trusty hot glue gun fold and twist the fabric to create a simple flower design, remember this does not have to be perfect. Finish off with a crochet flower in the middle!

You can get your materials from anywhere thrift shop, fabric store or anything else you may have lying around the home. Try mixing different textures like denim and flannel or denim and lace. You can also add charms to the ends of the braid and any type of decoration to the front

There you have it your very own Bohemian braided headband. Have fun creating and wearing this great and easy to make headban