American flag shorts

Summer is here and 4th of July is almost upon us. American flag shorts are always a big fashion trend this time of year, but it seems the Americana trend is even bigger than ever right now with the stars and stripes making their way into shirts, shoes, bags and more. There is nothing better than spicing up an old favorite from your wardrobe. Whether it’s turning a broach into a charm for a necklace, or making a tees shirt into a tank. This video will show you a way you can turn a pair of old pants into some fun summer shorts. Our project for today is our simple fun American flag shorts.

All you need is a pair of old shorts, some American flag material which you can pick up at any fabric store and sewing machine and a seam ripper which again is available in fabric stores.

First you need to rip the seam off the back pocket. Once removed, lay the pocket down on a place on your American flag material that has the design that you want. Making sure to add space for a seam, with a pencil draw around the shape of the pocket, if you like you can use a ruler but it is not essential as the edges will be on the inside of the pocket for the seam. Then cut out the shape from the material.

Next lay the material you cut onto the pocket and starting at the top, fold the edge for the seam and start to sew using your sewing machine. Make sure you get a good tack stitch so it holds nice and firm. Work your way all around, folding the seams over as you go. Once you have sewed all all around clean up any excess thread.
Now, to sew it back onto your shorts. Sew the pocket on the same way you sewed on the flag, going side by side leaving the top open. If you would prefer not to use the pocket you could always sew along the top edge also or if you are in a rush you could just hot glue the pocket back into place.

Being a Patriot

And there you have it, we have finished your super cute American flag denim shorts. These shorts can be worn anywhere including to the beach or parties. Being patriotic is always in fashion and wearing the symbol of the country you’re proud to call home is always a stylish choice.

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