Summer is here

There’s nothing sexier than a cut out back shirt for summer. But do you have trouble finding a cut out back shirt that fits? Do you find your store bought shirts are all loose, baggy and rag like? Well you’ve come to the right place because making cut out t-shirts is such an easy DIY. Once you learn how to cut a slashed-back tee, you can experiment with various styles and try them out on different T-shirts. You could easily layer this top with a fun colored tank top, t-shirt, or long sleeve shirt. Or just wear it bear for a sexy surprise.

The Best Look

To get the best look it’s best to use a tight fitted t-shirt as once it is cut it will loosen up and lose structure, which would make it too big. Also make sure you have super sharp scissors as dull scissors make raggerty cuts!!
So first you want to lay your shirt flat on a table and cut the collar off. Start just below the seam and continue all around, you won’t want to make the cut too big or it will end up stretching the first time you wash it and it will end up giving you an off the shoulder look. So keep to the seam line and the shirt will be keep its structure once you have cut the back.

Turn your shirt over and on the back of the shirt, half way up the arm make a little cut with your scissors, as that is where you will want to end the shred to again make sure your shirt holds its structure. Then you will need to fold your shirt in half so that the sides are facing up and down. Make sure the side seams are perfectly lined up so cut get a nice even cut. Cut all the way along for a far as like depending on your preferences. Keep the strips about an inch apart, as an inch is about right in terms of visibility and durability. Continue all the way up the shirt until you reach the mark you made earlier. Remember to take your time and try to make your cuts as straight as possible for the best look.


Clean up any frayed edges and even up the collar and you are done!!
Now you are ready to shred any shirt you like just remember to always start with a tight fitted shirt. You can also cut different designs to make more intricate shirts
Now you have learnt how to cut a slashed-back tee, you can experiment with various styles and try them out on different T-shirt